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Reset Wellness Center

Reset Wellness Center is a private practice which specializes in resolving emotional, behavioral, and relational issues caused by trauma and various mental health disorders with evidence-based practices. We offer more than talk therapy; we offer a path to reset your mind and transform your life by uncovering the source of your problems and providing insight and tools to help you develop new adaptive skills to heal and reach your fullest potential. With our specialized approach to trauma and mental health, you'll experience a tailored journey towards healing and personal growth. Our goal is to help you heal, grow, and lead a happier, healthier life.


Our mission is to help you redesign your life by uncovering the source of your problems and providing insight and tools to develop new adaptive skills with evidence-based methods so you can achieve optimal mental wellness holistically.  We aim to help you achieve true wellness, mind, body, and soul and free you from the need for therapy.


Our vision is to integrate both traditional and non-traditional approaches to mental health care. We understand everyone has unique circumstances and needs, so we provide comprehensive assessments and care plans tailored to the client’s specific situation. However, we believe that many mental health diagnoses originate from trauma. Therefore, our services blend some of the latest research and evidence-based practices with personalized attention and care to resolve unaddressed trauma.


Our dedicated team combines the use of talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness approaches, and other holistic practices to create a restorative and transformative path to wellness. We also understand the necessity for medication to treat some conditions. Therefore, we will also collaborate with your healthcare team to determine the best use for medication management to manage your symptoms.

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